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Bienvenido a JM Communications

RajassquaresmlWe combine food and media because they exist together naturally in our lives.  We believe that “Local and Seasonal” applies to both.

We are in Houston, Texas
T: 713-524-1628
F: 713-524-1648
Email: cholmes@jmcommunications.com


We are a media & food production and research group with a focus on the cultural and social issues surrounding food and cooking in people’s lives.

Cooking food is essential to our work.  In our test kitchen we create specialized dishes and also cater for special occasions.





Our three main interests are:

  • Cooking and serving delicious food that speaks to our identity at this time, in this place.
  • Producing and reflecting on everyday digital media practices that revolve around food production, cooking and eating.
  • Researching trends in contemporary cooking with a focus on Latin American and Texas Mexican.
    We define “Texas Mexican” as the cuisine of Texas Native Americans who eventually became the Mexican community in Texas. Texas Native American (“Indian”) cuisine dates back to AD 900 and predates both Texas and Mexico. The more widely used term, “Tex-Mex” refers to recent restaurant food whose origins date to the 1920’s.
    We explore the following issues through cooking, media productions, research and symposia:
  • The history of authentic Texas Mexican cuisine dating back to the original Texas Native Americans, aka, Texas Indians,
  • Fine dining and sustainable food production,
  • Emerging digital media practices and their role in eating and cooking habits
  • The role of chefs in social and political discourse
  • Recipes that are authentic but also changing.
  • Cultural identity and methods of cooking
  • Entertainment and food
  • Centralized, corporate food production,
  • Best practices and fair wages in food production and transportation,
  • Food as Art.

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